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Besides helping you understand the basics of the Tai Chi form, these videos offer glimpses into master Chen's specialty, teaching the connection between the Tai Chi form and achieving great speed and power for self defense. View rare film of Cheng Man-Ching teaching push-hands and sword form in class, some never seen before, Dr. Tao doing push-hands with students, and Max and Tiffany Chen with their many talents. Watch Josh Waitzkin doing push hands and Ken Van Sickle instructing the sword form

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Body Mechanics of Tai Chi Chuan

DVD trailer showing Tai Chi boxing, pushing, and form

William Chen Yang Short Form Kick

Introduces Master Chen's system of "Body Mechanics" for making effective use of Tai Chi Chuan as a realistic system of self defense and health maintenance. Includes clips from workshops conducted in Germany that show high speed punches, push hands techniques, and internal principles.

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Yang Short Form - with cloud background

60 movements of Tai Chi Chuan by William C. C. Chen (1993)

William Chen Yang Short Form Kick

Tai Chi is an ancient martial art system for health and self-defense, promoting spiritual, mental, and physical well-being. The Yang style form, shown here, is slow, gentle, even flowing and relaxing. It has a reputation of being excellent for stress reduction, self centering and living a more enjoyable life.

In its many variations, the Yang style Tai Chi form (exercize) is the most widely practiced in the world. Grandmaster Chen is one of the world's preeminent Tai Chi teachers, a senior disciple of the legendary grandmaster, Professor Cheng Man-Ching, who, in turn, studied with Yang Cheng-fu, the most prominent modern descendent of Yang Lu-chan, the founder of the Yang style.

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Body Mechanics of Tai Chi Chuan

Workshop by William C. C. Chen in Hanover - short

William Chen Two Hand Strike

Clips from one of Master Chen's Body Mechanics workshops in Germany.

He demonstrates:

Expanding your energy and making use of your opponents force to push

Driving energy from your chest walls ("heart") for a two-handed strike

Connecting to your inner thigh and alternating between loose and tense to create high speed hooks.

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Fingers and Tai Chi Kung Fu

"Fingers are the Work of Art", article by William C. C. Chen (2012)

Brain motor cortex regions

Master Chen describes the importance to Tai Chi and sports in general of directly connecting to the fingers. He explains how all movements are led by the fingers, and their role in achieving maximum punching speed and power.

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Step-by-Step Tai Chi

Instructional video trailer from Tiffany Chen

William, Tiffany, and Max Chen Two doing Tai Chi form

Some clips of Tiffany doing the form and shadow boxing. She talks about her growing interest in Tai Chi and the martial arts competitions she's won. Tiffany has been inducted into Inside Kung-Fu Magazine's "Hall of Fame".

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Yang Short Form - Split Screen

60 movements of Tai Chi Chuan by William C. C. Chen (1993)

William Chen form on split screen

Through the use of a split screen, Master Chen makes it easier to understand the correct positions for hands and feet. In addition, he counts out each of the movements to correspond with the pictures in his book.

The Yang Short Form is broken into two parts (A and B), so that beginners can learn Part A first. This consists of the first quarter (or so) of the entire short form and has the most basic, simple moves.

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Yang Short Form - with Breathing Hints (from behind)

60 movements of Tai Chi Chuan by William C. C. Chen (1993)

William Chen Yang Short Form Punch

Master Chen narrates alternating "wake up" and "fall asleep" instructions that correspond to the breathing and energy pattern of the Tai Chi form. "Fall asleep" is when you exhale and relax the most (Yin), and "wake up" is when you inhale and expand your energy (Yang).

The coordination of slow movement and deep relaxed breathing helps explain the medical research findings that the Tai Chi form promotes blood circulation, increases the oxygen level throughout the body, and enhances the body's healing systems. Tai Chi has a reputation not only for being safe at any age, but also of slowing the aging process itself.

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Yang Tai Chi Sword Form - front view

Tai Chi sword movements with English names

William Chen doing Sword Form

The double-edged Chinese sword lends itself naturally to the principles of Tai Chi because it is not designed to meet force with force. Instead, the sword is used to deflect, avoid, and redirect blows - before delivering a slash or stab of its own. This was the weapon of choice for many famous generals and scholars.

From: William C. C. Chen (DVD) (00:05:30)

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Learn How To Punch

Demonstration of a Few Hard Punches

The fist takes the shock

William Chen explaining how to punch with Tiffany Chen nearby

Grandmaster Chen throws some hard punches to illustrate that the knuckles are taking the shocks and the body is doing the punching. That is, it's best to think of the fist's role as just receiving the force instead of participating in its creation. (San shou class, 2010. Master Chen was 78 at the time.)

From: William C. C. Chen (00:00:16)

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How to get the Most Power in a Punch

Empty the chest. Stay loose. Don't push

William Chen demonstrating right cross punch

Grandmaster Chen explains that the most effective punches use the lower abdomen (tan t'ien) and the inner thigh. Try pretending that you have a broken arm with a cast and so can't use your arms. Think of punching, unlike breaking a wall, as being like playing the drums, where playing louder yields more power. (San shou class, 2009)

From: William C. C. Chen (00:04:20)

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How to do a Fast Punch

Don't clench your fist

William Chen demonstrates right cross punch without clenching fist

Grandmaster Chen explains and shows why the fingers of the fist should be left open, with the knuckles delivering the punch. As an exercise, pretend that your fingers are hiding a secret written on the target. Don't push in. Clenching slows you down and is not necessary to protect the hand. He illustrates the "one-inch punch" and rapid strikes from a close distance, which requires proper alignment of the fingers, knee, and toes plus a focus on alternating use of the fingers both for the strikes (thumb and first two digits) and for releasing the leg muscles between them (using the pinky finger). (Applications class, 2009.)

From: William C. C. Chen (00:08:23)

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Tiffany and William Chen with trophy

Tiffany Chen's Competitions and Fights

Daughter of Tai Chi master teaches Tai Chi and applies training

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More Videos from Senior Students of Master Chen
Max Chen and William Chen sparring

Mixed Martial Arts Fights with Max Chen

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Max Chen in Italy - MMA Fight

Non-stop takedowns of a tough and aggressive opponent (2012-05-26)

Max Chen's catches kick

Lots of exciting action in this 3-round mixed martial arts contest between Max Chen, (white and black trunks) and his Italian opponent (gold and black trunks).

Winner by unanimous decision, Max demonstrates a full gamut of smoothly-executed takedowns against a strong, determined opponent. The relaxed, smooth style reflects Max's early years of Tai Chi training under his father, Grandmaster William C.C. Chen, followed by Muay Thai training in Thailand.

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Max Chen World Wushu Championship Fights

Highlight fights from the 2011 competition

At the 11th Wushu World Competition in Ankara, Turkey, Max (red trunks) won the bronze medal. Max wins the only medal for the USA in the kickboxing (sanda) events. This is the deciding bout, against Dubanevich Andrei (Belarus, black trunks).

  Max Chen side kick lands

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Max Chen throws opponent

This is one of the preliminary bouts from the the 11th Wushu World Competition, between Max (black shirt) and the Malaysian contestant in the 70 kg category.

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Max Chen National Sanshou Team Trials

Sudden K. O. ends this fight (2007-09-08)

Max Chen's right jab lands

Max Chen (in red) wins his spot in the 9th World Wushu Championships in Beijing by spectacular knockout at the U.S. Sanshou Team Trials in Lubbock, Texas. While short and one-sided, this fight is a good showcase for Max's smooth, mix-it-up style.

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Tiffany Chen's Golden Gloves Semi Final Fight

A close fight with a tough and aggressive opponent (2012-03-12)

Tiffany Chen's semifinal fight

Non-stop action in this 4-round boxing contest between Tiffany Chen, (blue shirt) and Amanda Wang (gold shirt). Tiffany wins the semi finals of the 85th annual NY Daily News Golden Gloves.

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Tiffany Chen World Kuoshu Championship Fight (2003)

Wins award as best Lei Tai (raised platform) fighter

At the 1st World Kuoshu Championship in Sao Paolo, Brazil, Tiffany (yellow shirt, USA) won the gold medal. She pushed her opponent, Aimme Jurewicz (blue shirt, also USA) off the platform several times, showing effective application to fighting of her substantial Tai Chi push hands skills. Tiffany won a special award for Best Lai Tai Performance by a Female Athlete.

Tiffany Chen right jab lands Tiffany Chen pushes opponent off stage

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Tiffany Chen World Wushu Championship Fight (2005)

An exciting fight with non-stop power punches and kicks

Tiffany lands side kick

At the 8th Wushu World Competition in Hanoi, Vietnam, Tiffany won the silver medal. This is the final, and the winner was Ha Thi Hanh (Vietnam, black shirt). Out of 42 categories, Tiffany was one of only two silver medals, and the U.S. did not win any gold medals in this very tough competition.

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Cheng Man-Ching's Videos and Workshops

This is the largest collection of videos on the web of Cheng Man-Ching in action, including 3 of his rare DVDs. Professor Cheng Man-Ching (1902 - 1975) was one of the most influential figures in the evolution of Tai Chi Chuan. He was trained in Chinese medicine, taught poetry and art at leading colleges, and was a successful artist. In his twenties, he developed lung disease and started studying Tai Chi. Around 1930, he began studying with Yang Chengfu (1883 - 1936), the grandson of Yang Luchan (1799 - 1872), who founded Yang-style Tai Chi Chuan. Through changes he made to the Yang Forms and his training of many world-renowned masters, Professor Cheng played a pivotal role in improving and popularizing Tai Chi.

Push-Hands workshop 1, 2, 3, a master tape, short form classes 1-6, and several sword workshop tapes.

Professor Cheng gives detailed push hands instruction while demonstrating correct positioning, the techniques for pushing effectively, and the need for lightess, relaxation, and gradual movements. With some quick and lite strikes he shows how the principles tie into martial arts. Well-known senior Tai Chi instructors participating include Ed Young, Tam Gibbs, Ken Van Sickle, and Lou Kleinsmith.

From: Cheng Man-Ching and Don Ethan Miller (Master Tapes DVD) (00:13:29)

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Josh Waitzkin's Push Hands Competitions

Max Chen and William Chen sparring


Chess master becomes world Tai Chi Push Hands champion

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