Great Grandmaster Cheng Man-Ch'ing

Professor Cheng Man-Ch'ing (1900-1975) stands out as a Yang style master of Tai Chi Chuan. Although he learned the long form (128 postures) in his mid twenties from Grandmaster Yang Chin-pu, the Professor shortened the form to 37 postures. In his foresight, the Professor thought that the Yang short form would be easier to learn and therefore more students would learn it. It proved to be very popular in the USA, when Professor Cheng came to the United States to teach Tai Chi. Later, it gained great acceptance all over the world.

In addition to being one of the greatest Tai Chi Grandmasters, Professor Cheng was an accomplished painter, poet, calligrapher, and Doctor of Medicine.

One of Professor Cheng's favorite disciples and senior students started learning Tai Chi Chuan when his father took him to the Professor's house in China. The young boy's father was an old childhood friend of the Professor. When the Professor asked if the young boy would be interested in learning Tai Chi, the answer was yes.

Thus began the process that ultimately produced one of today's great Grandmasters. The boy's name, of course, is William C.C. Chen.